Volunteer Opportunities
Providing equine-assisted activities and therapies to individuals with a wide range of physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges in Sublette County, WY.
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Congratulations and Thank You to MESA's 2017 Adult Volunteer of the Year:
Vernon Vogel

Vernon and his wife, Margaret, came to Big Piney several years ago with the Oil & Gas Industry.  He was familiar with MESA since it's beginning, and he became a MESA volunteer in 2014. We appreciate his work in the arena especially with the teen riders as he an outstanding male role model for our program! 

Volunteer Opportunities

So many of our adult volunteers express the fulfillment they receive by helping other in need.  There is nothing greater than being a part of the bond that horses and young riders form...seeing a rider smile sitting atop a back of a tall steed!  

Teen volunteers are amazing mentors and their leadership and mentor role is an incredibly positive addition to our lesson program.  Our younger riders try so hard to impress and please their teen mentors! We ask that our teen volunteers be at a minimum age of 13.

Often times, teen volunteers are a critical point in their lives of needing to belong and having a purpose.  By helping the young riders, they feel a sense of being needed and wanted.  They get a great deal of satisfaction of of being a mentor.  In come cases, intervention programs have recommended that teen be a part of MESA's volunteer base, helping others in need.


All volunteers must be a minimum of 13 years of age.
Riding lesson volunteers must be able to run or jog in uneven, soft dirt.
Riding lesson volunteers must attend a Classroom and Barn Training Session to learn and practice safety procedures.

We are always looking for volunteers to help in other ways, too!  Please consider helping with the the following:

- event planning
- fundraising
- grant writing
- office work
- tack cleaning
- horse exercise & training
-arts & crafts
- photography & videography
- website design & social media

Please contact MESA to sign up for a training session!

Classroom Sessions Offered:
March 13th (Tues) Big Piney Library 5:30 p.m.
March 15th (Thu) Pinedale BOCES Bldg.  5:30 p.m.
        April 5th (Thu) TBD, Pinedale 5:30 p.m.

Barn Sessions Offered:
March 17th (Sat) Cancelled due to weather
Apri 6th (Fri) Sullivan's Arena, Boulder 5 p.m.

Congratulations & Thank You to 2017 Teen Volunteer of the Year:
Molly Sullivan

Molly is 16 years old and a sophomore at Pinedale High School.  She has been a MESA volunteer since 2012 helping with lessons, exercising horses, helping screen potential MESA horses, flagging the poker rides, and helping at all major MESA events & activities. 

Molly has two retired thoroughbred race horses that she has trained and is now competing at US Eventing Association shows.