Our Horses

Providing equine-assisted activities and therapies to individuals with a wide range of physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges in Sublette County, WY.

Please consider donating a special therapy horse or hay &  feed to us today!  Or please consider sponsoring a MESA horse.  

Meet our MESA Lesson Horses

MESA is the last career for most of our horses. Our lesson horses are typically donated or loaned to us. They are no longer able to perform their duties in their previous career at the capacity that is necessary.  So they are either forgotten in the pastures, sent to market, or MESA can give them a new sense of worth.  MESA horses get enough exercise that is healthy with plenty of pats, hugs, smiles, and carrots & apples to keep them happy through their sunset years.  

MESA is always looking for healthy, sound, horses that are super broke, gentle, and virtually bomb proof!  

Details on our Individual Horses are Coming Soon!