Our Horses

Providing equine-assisted activities and therapies to individuals with a wide range of physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges in Sublette County, WY.
Thank you 
Animal Clinic of Pinedale!

Dr. Dean and Dr. Gehlhausen have donated their time and service keeping our MESA horses healthy and happy!  They have been our official sponsors and keepers of our herd since the beginning of our program in 2012!  


Please consider donating a special therapy horse or hay &  feed to us today!  Or please consider sponsoring a MESA horse.  

Meet our MESA Lesson Horses

MESA is the last career for most of our horses. Our lesson horses are typically donated or loaned to us. They are no longer able to perform their duties in their previous career at the capacity that is necessary.  So they are either forgotten in the pastures, sent to market, or MESA can give them a new sense of worth.  MESA horses get enough exercise that is healthy with plenty of pats, hugs, smiles, and carrots & apples to keep them happy through their sunset years.  

MESA is always looking for healthy, sound, horses that are super well trained, gentle, and virtually bomb proof!  
Sadie (retired)
Age: 31
Breed: American Paint Horse
Color: Overo Paint
Donor: Molly Sullivan

Former Career: Mounted Shooting, Ranch work, 4-H & Pony Club

Notes: Sadie is as steady as they come! She works especially well with our non-verbal children with autism. She knows all the lessons and is extra careful with the little ones! Sadie was MESA's first horse and although she is now retired, she's certainly still the MESA Matriarch.

Age: 18
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Donor: Nora Legerski

Former Career:  Ranch horse & trail horse, 4-H and local shows

Notes: Skip has been on MESA' s wish list for several years, and we are so fortunate to finally be able to call him our own!  Skip is amazing  and we love him dearly!

Shadow Dancer
Age: 25
Breed: Arabian
Color: Bay
Donor: Sue Christ

Former Career: Endurance Racing

Notes: Shadow may be small in stature, but he has a huge heart! He is definitely a MESA favorite! 

Age: 16
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Palomino 
Donor: Levi & Barbara Lozier

Former Career: Box R dude horse, ranching & trail work

Notes: Chamois is new to MESA and is settling is super well and has become the horse of choice for our more advanced riders with her smooth gait, well-trained cues, and quick mind!

Age: 13
Breed: Appaloosa
Color: Appaloosa
Donor: Cassandra Bennett

Former Career: Show and Trail

Notes: Roxie is as fun to ride as she is colorful! Super well trained and quick witted, she's fun for our able bodied riders to improve their horsemanship skills on!
Age: 19
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Loaned by: Steve & Mavis James

Former Career: Cutting

Notes: The most well-trained horse in the herd, Grinnin keeps riders on their toes with his soft cues and quick mind. He has helped our more advanced riders get the most out of their horsemanship skills.
Age: 17
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrell
Donor: Greg & Adele Legerski

Former Career: Family recreation & Trail

Notes: Zion has both an English and Western background. He's been to horse shows and county fairs and spent a lot of time in the mountains! 
Cracker Jack
Age: 10
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrell
Donor: Summer Moore

Former Career: Ranch

Notes: Cracker Jack is exactly that!  He's our most reactive horse and our older and more skilled riders enjoy having him in the lessons.
Age: Old
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Grey
Donor: Chris Baird

Former Career: Game & Fish, Hunting, Ranch

Notes: Birch is a great old, guy whom we've come to love dearly! He will run a mile-long pasture to see you, especially if he thinks you have a treat! 
Age: 10
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Donor: Joe Shenefelt

Former Career: Ranching, hunting, trail

Notes: We are excited to add this neat little mare to our MESA herd!
Age: 18
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Loaned by: Sandy Sikorski

Former Career: A little bit of everything from ranching, trail, cow work, and lessons.

Notes: We are excited to add this super well bred mare to our MESA herd!