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M.E.S.A. Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc. is a non-profit program aimed at providing equine-related therapy activities to individuals with disabilities within Sublette County, Wyoming.   The mission of M.E.S.A. is to promote self-esteem, self-confidence, physical independence, and social interaction through equine-related activities. 


The philosophy of M.E.S.A. is to establish an atmosphere of support, cooperation and respect in an equestrian environment in order to improve self-esteem, confidence, and an appreciation for individuals with disabling challenges within the community.  Our equestrian services will strengthen the Mind, Energy, Spirit, and Attitude of each participant, their families, and our community.  This will be accomplished through certified riding instructors, allied health care providers, educators, and community volunteers.  We adhere to the values of teamwork, integrity, respect, empathy, and joyfulness in all that we do.

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Participants who are served by the M.E.S.A. program will present a wide range of physical, mental, and behavioral challenges that the program is designed to address and assist.  

Each individual is evaluated by a physician and certified instructor before being accepted into the program to ensure the safety of the participant. 

Challenges served include:  

- cerebral palsy                                                                             -Down’s syndrome

- spina bifida                                                                                   - autism

- emotional & behavioral difficultie s                                     -  strokes

- learning disabilities                                                                    - traumatic brain injuries

- visual and auditory impairment                                            - developmental delay

- amputation                                                                                    -  paralysis

- ADD, ADHD, and other hyperactivity disorders          - chronic or terminal illness

 -  other neuromuscular and orthopedic challenges         

- Behavioral Challenges

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